New Year Special!

New Year Special!

Did you fall off the wagon? It’s ok! Life happens! We are here to help!

Welcome to 2019! Its time to reorient yourself to health and wellness! We are offering some exciting deals! I know you are busy so let’s get to the offer

$50 ($175) for the month of January then 3 month contract at $99! ($150 @ 3 month contract) First installment would be $99 for the month of February! That’s over $350 in savings!

We also also running a $100 ($599)off our “66 Day Medical weight loss program”. That includes 4 personal training sessions, diet plan, 66 days of CrossFit, HCG, blood panels, and lipo B Vitamin shots! So all that for 1 price!

We will be rolling out our CrossFit Health program soon!

This program is built for the busy professionals who hate urgicare and love having personal relationships with thier medical doctors. For $199, we will be offering unlimited access to our gym, 1 doctors appointment, 1 blood panel every 6 months. Discounted B12, and 2 personal training sessions! Well only accept 10 clients under this model so spots are limited

We hope to continue to be the lead in wellness in our area and have worked hard to bring the best individuals to coach at our clinic!

Or remote at home programming

Give us a call at

Or just text Coach Brian

And say I’m ready!
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