Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Edwin Seelye. I have been appointed as a staff member here at Rejuvenate since 2017. I believe Rejuvenate has developed a state of the art approach towards assisting you in your ultimate weight loss experience. As we all know, making healthier dietary choices is the first step towards creating a healthier you, but there is still no substitute for exercise. With our combination of a unique diet and exercise program, we have been extremely successful in the reduction of excess body weight by increasing the heart rate to a target range that we calculate based on your age, sex, and body habitus. With this approach we are able to burn more calories per session from the fuel source that we all want to utilize, fat. In the event that your weight loss experience is failing to meet your desired goal(s), this could very well be due to an underlying medical condition. If this is suspected, we can order labs to monitor your body’s basic chemistries to evaluate for electrolyte disturbances, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, etc. Some of our services include monitoring of hormone levels such as thyroid hormone, testosterone, estrogen, follicle stimulating hormone, and leuteinizing hormone. In the event that your hormones are low, I will correct them with proper medical supplementation based on current medical guidelines. With the correction of abnormal lab findings, you can feel secure in knowing that you are being monitored by a licensed physician to ensure that you meet your health goals via a safe, effective approach during your weight loss experience. With our approach, Rejuvenate is capable of kick starting your metabolism, knocking out your appetite, burning major body fat, and boosting your energy levels all while under the supervision of a licensed physician.”

In conclusion, as you can see for the appropriate patients, a medically supervised weight loss program is available at Rejuvenate. This program may include prescription medications and lifestyle modifications to assist you in taking charge of your life. We also carry a variety of pharmaceutical grade products to help your body burn fat as naturally as possible. Why is medical supervision important during weight loss? Losing weight too fast can lead to a variety of conditions including loose skin, gallstones, loss of lean muscle, and liver complications. It goes without saying that the benefits of medical guidance in your weight loss journey will keep you safe, healthy, and motivated.

Give yourself peace of mind and make Rejuvenate your partner in your decision to change your life through medically supervised weight loss!